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Scientists discover link in brain between anxiety and weight loss
January 2019 – Scripps Research News and Events
January 2019 – Nature
January 2019 – New Atlas 

Scientists identify potent new anti-obesity, anti-diabetes target. 
October 2016 – TSRI News and Views

Scientists illuminate key molecular player in both morphine addiction and rare disease.
October 2016 – TSRI News Release

Dr. Baoji Xu is awarded $2.4 million to develop new strategies to fight obesity. 
March 2016 – TSRI News and Views

Dr. Baoji Xu and research associate, Juanji An discover nerve cells play a unique roll in the body’s use of energy. 
June 2015 – TSRI News and Views

Dr. Baoji Xu joins Scripps Neuroscience Faculty.
May 2013 –TSRI News and Views